Virtual Tour of our Ljubljana Apartment

Home is where the heart is. Right now, my heart is in Ljubljana.

If you knew me as a child, as a teen, and as a young adult, you would know that I absolutely hated moving. According to my mom, that’s the reason my dad decided to get out of the army–because moving was hard on me (I imagine it’s hard on every kid though). I vowed to never date or marry an army guy.

I used to feel like Remy when I had to move…

This is what I felt like when I had to move.Then as these things happen, the love of my life came and swept me off my feet. It didn’t matter that he would be deployed for 15 months just a few months after we met. It didn’t matter that after not seeing each other for a year he’d only be  in Colorado for a short few months before moving across the country and I couldn’t join him. It didn’t matter that life with him would be chaotic and a constant state of limbo between houses. I was in love.

This is what I feel like now (can you tell I miss Remy?).remy garden of the gods

Since I married the hubby 4 1/2 years ago, we’ve lived in three different places. My outlook has definitely changed. Now I consider moving to a new place an adventure, and I’ve realized you can make a home wherever you are.

Like in Ljubljana…

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The Legend of Šmarna Gora

First Impressions: Ljubljana

Our Apartment

We found a wonderful apartment in the center of town. It’s close to everything. The daily farmers market is a short walk down the river (I go everyday). Life is really great here.

We don’t have our household goods yet. We packed up all our stuff at the end of June and they’re on a boat somewhere in the Atlantic. Hopefully we’ll get them soon. A little bird told me we might get them as soon as next week! It’s made me realize how little we really need to live on, though. Since we’ve been here, the only electronic devices I’ve used are my computer (internet is important to keep up with family), phone (we have our iPhones with a local number), gps watch (there are some really great running spots here), the stove/oven/washing machine (smaller than we’re used to in the US) and of course my camera (you know, for taking pictures and blogging). No kitchen appliances. No bathroom appliances. No TV, vacuum, dryer, radio, etc. No vitamix! And you know what, it’s really not that bad.

Come along for a tour of the apartment!

The building we’re in is over 100 years old! The owner of the apartment is an architect and he designed and renovated the place in such a way to save space. He’s also an accomplished rock climber…and a filmmaker. No joke. He made some of the official Ljubljana tourist videos. Like this one below:

He also produced a full length documentary called Sfinga. You can watch the trailer below:

Yeah, he’s a very talented guy! Now for the pictures of the apartment…

antique key

Our kitchen, dining room, and living room are all together in one room.

living room

So check this out. Do you see that little box in the top of the fridge? That’s the freezer. It might take some getting used to, especially since I like making big batches of homemade stock and freezing it ahead of time.
fridge and freezer
Here is our bedroom. We have a waterbed! That entire wall with the flower is a wardrobe. It goes all the way up to the ceiling, and there’s a ladder to reach the top! There’s another wardrobe on the other wall too-so lots of space.
And here is the shower.The doors fold out to make space for the shower! Pretty cool.
It’s the little things that make a place feel more like home. I planted this little herb garden the other day and can’t wait to start cooking with fresh herbs again.
herb garden
And the best for last…
climbing gym 2

climbing gym 3

climbing gym
Yep. We have a climbing gym in the attic. Like I said, the owner is a renowned rock climber. He’s written climbing guides and everything. I feel so inadequate compared to a lot of people here-they are so talented and accomplished! As much as I try to avoid generalizations, I can’t help but notice how humble many Slovenes are about their individual achievements. For example, when we first met our landlord and his wife, we mentioned that we’d been to a rock gym a couple of times. And he said “Oh, you climb? I like climbing too”. It was only a few weeks later after a google search that we found out he’s conquered some of the hardest routes in Europe-one of which hadn’t been conquered in decades! Um yeah…we’re climbers too.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to live overseas and travel for a year. Life is an adventure, and I plan on living it to its fullest.

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  1. Nancy

    Very nice home. I love how old it is but how new he made it feel. You’re so lucky you can walk to the farmers market everyday to buy fresh food!!! The fridge would kill me! Lol.. Good luck and much love to you both. Enjoy your new home!

    1. Post
      Christine Devlin

      Thanks Aunt Nancy!! We love the place. We actually have two of the small fridges, but the freezer box is only in one of them. But since I go to the market everyday it’s plenty of space (actually, we don’t even fill it up, lol). They don’t use a lot of preservatives and stuff like we do in the US. Because of that and because the food is so fresh, it’ll only keep for a couple days anyway.

  2. Naomi

    So so jealous of the climbing attic!! I’m not a climber, at least nothing that can’t be top roped, but my husband is and it would be awesome to take the kids up a couple flights for fun! The humble landlord made me laugh 🙂

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  3. Maggie

    Love it!! and the town. I think it is wonderful that you can walk to get fresh food everyday.
    The climbing wall is also very cool.
    Enjoy yourselves, best wishes for happiness xoxo

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  4. Tamara

    I am so excited and slightly envious of you! What an awesome treasure you have to live in! I also love farmers markets and miss the amazing one we had in Rochester. I look forward to your future posts so I can live vicariously through your adventures!

    1. Post
      Christine Devlin

      Hey Tamara!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂 Farmer’s markets are pretty awesome. I feel very fortunate to be living here right now. We have an extra bedroom…perfect for a couple and two young kids…just saying 😉

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