San Francisco Getaway

Last weekend the hubby and I had a four-day weekend, so we decided to drive up to San Francisco.  We had a really great time exploring the city, sightseeing, and visiting some really good restaurants.

Where we stayed:

We stayed at Marines’ Memorial Club Hotel for three nights.  Military members can get a free club membership, which knocks the price off the rooms by more than half.  The membership also included hot buffet breakfasts every morning, along with a free happy hour every evening from 4pm to 6pm.  This hotel is pet friendly, so of course we brought Remy!  Since it is downtown, expect to pay a pretty penny for parking.

This hotel was close to Union Square, with plenty to do within walking distance.  It is considered to be in the Lower Knob Hill area.  You do have to be careful though, because the bad area of the city, called the “Tenderloin”  is just a couple blocks down the hill.

Where we ate:

1.  Mozzeria:  This is a Deaf-owned pizza place in SF.  Most employees are Deaf, and all employees know sign language.  But don’t worry if you are sign-impaired, they have paper and pens on the tables.  Being a sign language interpreter and everything, I had to give this place it’s own post.  Check out my review of Mozzeria here!

2.  The Monk’s Kettle:  This place was AWESOME!  Seriously, it was really good.   The hubby found this place online and I am so glad he did.  The gastropub is known for their beer and have more than 200, mostly craft beer and local beer!  This place is perfect for people who truly enjoy the taste and nuances of good beer.  The restaurant is very small, and very busy.  For an appetizer, we ordered mussels, and they were perfect.  The hubby and I both ended up ordering the same thing for dinner (which actually happens a lot, great minds think alike!)  We got Monk’s Daily Roast, which just happened to be roast duck!  It came with a celery puree and vegetables.  The hubby and I really loved it.  We also shared chocolate bread pudding for dessert.  I wish I could have gotten some pictures of the food, but it was pretty dark inside.  This restaurant was definitely a highlight of our trip.

3.  The Elite Cafe: One day for lunch we stopped at this place on Fillmore.  I had seafood gumbo with shrimp, scallops, crab, and oysters. The hubby ordered seafood eggs Benedict.  Both were delicious.  We were starving and the food here really hit the spot.  This restaurant also sources their food locally, so that is a huge plus!

What we did:

We spent a lot of time just walking around and exploring the city.  We took that crazy dog for a lot of walks.  He is really weird when he travels…he didn’t use the bathroom for three whole days!  Finally on the last day he went.  We spent some time checking out union square and the shops on Fillmore.  We also went to the REI.  They were having their annual used garage sale, and we snagged some cool stuff!  I got a backpacking pack for more than half off, and it was only used once.  Apparently the person returned it because it didn’t fit her well.  I have never been backpacking before.  The hubby and I have slowly been getting what we need, and we plan do do some backpacking in Big Sur sometime soon!

On Sunday I went for a run.  The hubby and I are training for the Big Sur Half Marathon, and I normally do a long run on the weekends.  I was a little nervous running in a city I didn’t know very well, so the hubby mapped out a really good route for me that went along the shore and to the Golden Gate Bridge.

This was one of the most enjoyable runs I have had in a while.  10 miles accidentally turned into 11, because when I saw the Golden Gate Bridge I wanted to keep going!


I took it easy and just took in the sights, and even stopped on the beach for a few minutes to watch the dogs playing with the bridge in the background.  There were also some triathletes practicing their open water swimming.

I could see Alcatraz in the background.  I have always heard about how hard the swim is in the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon, but when you can see how strong the current is from the shore, and you know how freezing that water is, it puts it into better perspective.  It was a perfect morning!

We did some sightseeing too.  We drove down Lombard Street, which was really cool.  It was pretty crowded, but very beautiful.

The hubby looking cool
San Francisco
Then we drove through the old Presidio and took in the sights.  It is a shame that post closed, it seemed so perfect!  We stumbled upon the sand ladder, which was pretty cool. I ran up it.
Sand Ladder

Then we spend some time in the park and played with the dog for a little while.

After the last morning of sightseeing we drove home. We wanted to tour Alcatraz but unfortunately it was closed…maybe that just means we have an excuse to go back! We had a really nice time in SF!


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