Real Food Substitutions for Processed Ingredients

Simple guide to turning recipes into real food recipes by making easy real food substitutions for processed ingredients.

Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to eat healthier and stop eating processed ingredients because all your recipes have these things in them?

I’ve been there.

Have you started cutting out processed food, but wish you could still enjoy some of your favorite recipes, just without all the processed gunk?

Don’t worry…you can.

I realized the other day that I now just automatically make real food substitutions when I’m cooking from a recipe without even thinking about it anymore. It might seem hard at first, but it gets much easier over time.

Trying to eat healthier and avoiding processed foods was really overwhelming for me starting out, because I realized almost everything I used to cook with was processed. I’m making this list hoping that it will make your journey just a little easier. Here are some of the ingredients I switch out most often.

Real Food Substitutions

If the recipe calls for this:Use this instead
margarinereal butter
vegetable oil or canola oilolive oil or coconut oil
shorteningrendered pork fat (lard) or coconut oil
sugarraw honey or pure maple syrup
white flourwhite whole wheat flour or regular whole wheat
white pastahomemade whole wheat pasta, or store-bought whole wheat pasta
canned beef, chicken, or vegetable stockhomemade Chicken Stock or Beef Stock Recipe
bouillon cubeshomemade Chicken Stock or Beef Stock Recipe
cream of "__" souphomemade cream of "__" soup
canned veggiesfresh or frozen veggies
canned fruitfresh or frozen fruit
flavored yogurtplain greek yogurt, and then add your own fruit/honey
low-fat diaryfull-fat diary
corn starcharrowroot powder

Eating real food has made me much more comfortable making substitutions in recipes. What do you substitute most often? Lets keep the list going in the comments.


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