Ideas for Avocado: BLTA

One of my favorite sandwiches is the BLTA (A=Avocado, of course).   The hubby and I had a long weekend over Labor Day.  On Friday, I decided to make us some lunch.  The weather was sunny and beautiful, so we packed up our lunch and rode our bikes to Lover’s Point in Monterey.  It is a very nice place for a picnic.  We sat on the wall and ate some delicious BLTAs while watching the paddleboarders, kayakers, and swimmers on the beach.  Monterey is pretty awesome, I must say.

Lover's Point picnic
This is Lover’s Point. What a view!

Besides avocado, this sandwich was made with homemade bread, bacon from the farm (Jolly Barnyard), tomatoes from the garden, and spinach from the farmer’s market.

What is your favorite sandwich to take on a picnic?


  1. jackie @ marin mama cooks

    Hi Christine! I tried leaving a comment last night but my computer kept locking up on me and it wouldn’t let me complete the comment. Anyway, I love BLT’s especially with avocado on top, I think it’s a requirement now, I mean a BLT is not a BLT without avocado. I had this amazing BLT taco recently that I want to replicate. It has this Thai chili mayo on it. It was soo good! Now, you have me craving a BLTA 🙂 xoxo, Jackie

    1. Post

      Haha! I agree completely-BLTs need avocado. I have never heard of a BLT taco…sounds interesting. If you replicate it will you put it on your blog? I’d love to try it!

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