Ideas for Avocado: Avocado Wrap

The avocado obsession continues…this week I have made several of these avocado wraps for lunch, and they are delicious!

You really can just add avocado to whatever your favorite wrap is, like I did in this picture below. This wrap has chicken, rice, tomato, cheese, Lizano Salsa and avocado (along with apple and homemade peanut butter as a side).

Or you can follow this recipe that I really like…

Salami-Avocado Wrap


  1. Lavash Bread or a tortilla
  2. This recipe for Avocado-Tahini Dip from Marin Mama Cooks
  3. half an avocado
  4. a small tomato, sliced and seeds removed (removing the seeds keeps the wrap from getting soggy)
  5. a couple pieces of mozzarella cheese
  6. a few pieces of salami, or any other meat you want


  1. Spread a couple tablespoons of Avocado-Tahini Dip on the middle of the Lavash Bread or tortilla
  2. Layer the rest of the ingredients
  3. Roll it up and enjoy!


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  1. jackie @ marin mama cooks

    Great wrap girl and it’s totally something I would make up for lunch. I’m a huge fan of salami and actually had a salami and cheese sandwich for lunch today with this super yummy white bean spread. I’m also crushing on that chicken, rice and avocado wrap. 🙂 xoxo, Jackie

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      Thanks Jackie! That sandwich with white bean spread sounds really good! Hope you don’t mind that I linked to your dish…that avocado-tahini dip is just amazing 🙂

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