Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (Healthy Nutella!)

I practically grew up on Nutella. Peanut butter-Nutella sandwiches were eaten frequently in my house. My grandma always had it in the cabinet. My mom would let us eat it by the spoonful as a treat. Nutella was like a major food group in my family.

I still love Nutella. But I never eat it because it is so darn bad for you (except when I notice the Nutella-strawberry crepes at the Monterey Farmers Market, then I HAVE to eat it!).

Also, I really don’t like the company’s advertising campaign, which makes me not want to buy their product. I’m sure you have seen the commercials with the mom giving Nutella on toast to her kids for breakfast. The company presents an image as Nutella being a healthy choice and nutritious for your child. Did you know the stuff is over 50% sugar! That’s right, hazelnuts are not even the main ingredient!

I decided to make my own healthier version. I scoured the internet for a recipe, but couldn’t find one I wanted to make (I didn’t want to use dairy, sugar, or any weird ingredients). I ended up just making it up, and I like it BETTER than Nutella! Plus, I can feel a lot less guilty eating it.

This healthy Hazelnut Chocolate Spread was really easy to whip up in my Vitamix.  It took only a couple minutes start to finish.  I read online that some food processors take up to 15 minutes to make nut butter.  My hubby bought me a Vitamix last year…I am one lucky girl!  By the way, you should check out these other recipes I use my Vitamix for.

I don’t think you have to refrigerate it, but I do.  It firms up a some in the fridge, but if you leave it out on the counter for a little bit it will be back to that silky spreadable Nutella texture.

You’ve gotta try this stuff.

How to roast and skin hazelnuts:

I have found hazelnuts at Trader Joe’s before that are already roasted and skinned.  If you can’t find them, it is really easy to do yourself, and doesn’t take much time.  It might seem like it, but I promise it’s not hard.

  • preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • add hazelnuts in a single layer on a cookie sheet.
  • roast for a total of 10-15 minutes, stirring every 5 minutes.
  • take them out and put them into a clean kitchen cloth.
  • let cool
  • gather the edges of the cloth together, creating a satchel.
  • massage them together in the cloth for a couple minutes, the skins will fall right off.
Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (Healthy Nutella!)
Prep time

Total time


This is a healthier version of Nutella without any sugar or fillers. Only 4 ingredients!
Serves: ½ pint

  • 2 cups hazelnuts, roasted and skinned
  • 1 cup dark chocolate chips
  • ⅓ cup cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1-2 tablespoons coconut oil (if needed)

  1. put hazelnuts into the Vitamix (or a food processor) and process until a smooth butter forms. This only takes a minute or so in the Vitamix.
  2. add chocolate chips, cocoa powder, and honey and process until completely combined
  3. If it is too thick add a tablespoon or so of coconut oil, until it is the consistency of peanut butter



  1. jackie @ marin mama cooks

    Hey Christine. I thought I would check out your blog and I have to say, that I love it! Your photos are great btw, and your first image of that Nutella on the spoon seriously makes me want to dive right on in. This recipe looks great and I love that there isn’t a bunch of “stuff” in there. I’m curious if you used unsweetened cocoa powder? I’m assuming so, but just wanted to check. I totally want to make this for my kids as I know they would love it. The only part that scares me (well, I’m actually not scared but am being lazy) is peeling the hazelnuts! 🙂
    BTW, I see that you love avocados! You will love this new dip that I posted today. It’s an avocado-tahini dip and it rocks!
    I just saw that you’re on Instagram. That’s my favorite social media app, I just followed you and can’t wait to see more of your pics! Have a great night girl! xoxo, Jackie

    1. Post

      Hi Jackie! Thanks for stopping by! I am so glad you like the pictures. I did use unsweetened cocoa powder, and I have good news about the hazelnuts…I found them at Trader Joe’s already skinned and roasted! Or you can blanch them and peel them, which is supposed to be easier than baking them and rubbing with a towel. I haven’t tried this yet, but here is a link:
      How to Skin Hazelnuts
      I did see your avocado-tahini dip, and it looks amazing! I already have all the ingredients to make it. I think I will make it to dip veggies in for lunches 🙂 I am still getting the hang of Instagram, haha, so I tend to use Facebook more. Thank you for following me!

        1. Post
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  3. Melissa

    That is amazing! I only used 1 Tbl of honey and everyone Loves it! I also melted my chocolate because I only had a dark chocolate bar and it turned out awesome! Thanks

    1. Post

      Hi Melissa! I’m so glad you love it!! It is good to know that it tastes good with less honey. I’ll try 1 tablespoon next time I make it 🙂 Glad to know it worked well with a chocolate bar too!

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