Best BBQ Pulled Pork

As good as the BBQ in the south is, my hubby’s is better.  When we lived in Tennessee we ate a lot of BBQ.  A couple weekends ago the hubby spent all day smoking pork butt, and it could have won a BBQ competition.  This was the best BBQ pulled pork I have ever tasted!  The hubby sure knows his stuff when it comes to smoking and grilling.  He also makes awesome Smoked Beef Brisket! This is what he did:

How to make BBQ Pulled Pork:

The night before, he soaked some mesquite chunks in water and created a brine.

Mesquite chips

For the brine, he used a ratio of 1/4 cup Kosher Salt and 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar to 4 cups water.  He put the brine and the meat in a bucket and let it sit overnight for about 12 hours.

Before the brine


In the morning, the hubby started the grill, rinsed the pork butt and put a dry rub on it.

Rinsing the meat
The Hubby’s Magical Mystery Rub

You can use whatever dry rub you like to use.   The hubby made one that he found online.

He also laid down a makeshift aluminum foil drip tray to catch the drippings…and it is a good thing he did because there were a lot!

Once grill was ready at 225 degrees, he smoked it with the fat side up for about 10.5 hours (the pork butt was about 7 pounds).  He did a wet smoke and used the minion method for the coals. We use a smokenater 1000 to smoke our meat. It just sits right in our regular Weber grill.

We ended up having a little caprese salad to hold us over until the pork was done because we were starving!

After smoking, he wrapped the pork in foil and let it rest for about half an hour to lock in all the juices.

Then he pulled it apart with a fork and we dove in!  We didn’t even use any BBQ sauce.  It was juicy and delicious on its own!

Tips for Success:

-Maintain the temperature as close to 225 degrees as possible
-Open the lid only when you have to.  If you’re lookin you aren’t cookin!
-Be proactive with adding coals and smoking wood
-REST! This is important as it allows the meat to absorb the juices.


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  1. jackie @ marin mama cooks

    Wow! Your hubby rocks! A lot of time and effort went into smoking that pork! My hubby loves pulled pork, but he takes the lazy and easy way out and makes it in the crock pot! 😉
    Your pulled pork looks absolutely delicious girl! xoxo, Jackie

    1. Post

      Thanks! He really enjoys being out there grilling/smoking. Everything he makes is always so good! I haven’t tried making pulled pork in a crock pot yet. I really should start using that thing more often though 🙂

  2. Amanda

    About how long did this take? My hubby (love him so much), thinks he’s the king of the grill, but cooks any sort of butt WAY too fast!! I always hurt his feelings when I suggest it was cooked too fast lol. Looks delicious!!!

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