3 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Happy Earth Day! Sad fact-America wastes 30-40 percent of its food supply! This month, The Recipe Redux challenged us to share our easy ways to reduce food waste.

3 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

We’ve all heard of reduce, reuse, and recycle. The same concept can be applied to food.

Reduce the amount of food spoilage by:

    • learning how to store fruits and vegetables properly
    • taking inventory of what you have before going to the store
    • making a point to use up the most perishable items first
    • going shopping a bit more frequently so you don’t have to buy as much

Reuse leftovers and food scraps in new recipes. For example, make a whole chicken one night for dinner. The next day, shred some leftover chicken to put in a salad, and in the evening, make soup with the leftover carcass. Get creative and use the same ingredients in different ways.

Here are a few ideas for reusing leftovers to make something new:

Recycle vegetable scraps and vegetables that have gone bad by making compost. Making compost is really easy, and is great if you like to garden. Also, if you don’t have the space or desire for your own garden, some waste management companies will also pick up your bagged compost and they will recycle it. A big plus–when you start to compost it really reduces the amount of trash you have!

Make sure you visit some of the other blogs to check out how all the other Recipe ReDuxers are reducing food waste by clicking on the link below! Happy Earth Day!


  1. Farrah

    These are all awesome ideas! I don’t go grocery shopping often so I tend to get a lot of frozen things, hehe. I’m going to need to check out that link on how to store fruits/veggies properly!

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